Simplify and Accelerate IT Infrastructure Transformation

Technology Transformation just got easy

Technology Transformation, Made Simple

An IT transformation strategy begins with a multitude of questions and seemingly innumerable ways to progress. It can be difficult, and even immobilizing to tackle transformation across the business at once. We’ve made it easy to start smart, quickly demonstrate success and move ahead on your personal technology transformation roadmap.

Whether your aim is to adopt a specific new technology, concept, or way of working, asking the right questions and designing practical, unbiased and proven solutions to address each stage of information technology transformation are critical to your success. We aren’t resellers, and we are not providing a managed service; our recommendations are 100% focused on your requirements.

Rapidly Progress Projects

Our process focuses on making rapid progress in sprints, helping organizations realize results in weeks or months.

Collaborating with hundreds of companies over the years as they have gone through the DevOps transformation process has put us in a unique position to understand our customer’s challenges and opportunities when it comes to IT modernization.

We’ve designed a patent-pending Enterprise DevOps Framework for marrying DevOps process improvement with digital transformation that is bolstered with advanced cloud services to enable truly transformative efficiencies.

Minimize Disruption, Include Key Stakeholders

Because most enterprises do not have all of their stakeholders in one office, Flux7 delivers design consulting and implementations primarily in a remote model in a defined series of one-hour meetings.

This means stakeholders can contribute effectively and efficiently, with minimal disruption to daily responsibilities. While initial conversations may be onsite at the customer’s location, our remote, Agile delivery model provides full transparency and the ability to rapidly make decisions, corrections, or reset priorities, keeping projects on track and well aligned with changing business decisions.

Plan For Success

Flux7 helps enterprises to quickly gain alignment and make the necessary decisions to establish a scalable, secure infrastructure for digital business platforms.

Our proven decision support framework typically moves projects from gap analysis to an actionable plan in less than two weeks. Through this process, Flux7 customers gain knowledge about cloud, containers, configuration and CI/CD that helps improve long-term agility.

The Flux7 Consulting Process

As our automation is increasing, we continue to add more out-of-the-box solutions. Our Consulting Process is optimized for DevOps adoption, speed and training:

  1. Proven methodology for accelerating team alignment, prioritization and roadmap creation with minimal team disruption.

  2. Establish or remediate/extend Landing Zone for long term security with agility.

  3. Continuous knowledge transfer and hands-on learning to evolve skills.

  4. Project to project, workload to workload pace. No extensive contractual obligations.

Flux7 Assessment: Process

Our assessment meetings are designed to be completed over one-week. With five (5) laser-focused, one-hour collaborative meetings, each assessment is managed by 2 Solution Architects and 1 Project Coordinator. To maintain continuity, the primary Solution Architect is also the Product Owner for the Attune phase.

Flux7 Delivery and Knowledge Transfer Process

The Delivery Team implements the prioritized, agreed upon solution. Working in an agile methodology for optimal progress, each sprint has a built in, weekly knowledge transfer session – providing a best practice customer solution where teaching our customers how to fish is the ultimate goal. Documentation in the form of demos, code repos and runbooks are provided throughout.

Build For Best Practices

Flux7 focuses on helping customers to create a “bright spot” or pilot program through which they can gain the knowledge to make decisions for scaling and extending digital business.

By developing a Center of Excellence, customers gain the ability to share their knowledge with other departments, in order to achieve broadscale transformation.

Learn For Long Term Agility

Flux7’s aim is to ensure customers can gain the knowledge to make informed decisions about managing and optimizing their own infrastructure, whether they choose to outsource those functions or keep them in-house.

We bridge the gap between a managed environment and independent system management by architecting best-practice-based, next-generation computing environments based on DevOps principles, automation, and self-management strategies.

Typical Engagement: Assess, Attune, Engage

Own with Engage: Knowledge Transfer for Greater Agility

Transfer the knowledge to the center of excellence team

Evolve the skills of your IT teams, minimize the need to outsource future projects and management and remain agile with our Engage service. Through knowledge transfer and coaching, Engage provides hands on DevOps training and helps improve success rates for independently managing modern infrastructure post-deployment.

Demonstrate Success and Extend with Summit

After building a successful center of excellence in your enterprise, the next step for enterprise transformation leaders is evangelize your success and to enable change through collaboration. We provide a framework and facilitate discussion across key stakeholder groups including executives, operations, development, lines of businesses and other functional leaders to air concerns, establish options, agree on a strategy and manage culture change.

On Demand Access to Subject Matter Experts and Coaching with Propel

Propel is a subscription solution for enterprises who want to extend their access to Flux7 consultants in order to gain knowledge and expertise as they are building skills and confidence with new technologies.